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Adult CPR Classes

This 3 hour course teaches individuals how to recognize and respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies for adults.

$65/student - Includes a course completion card, valid for 2 years, issued at the end of the training class.

CPR/First Aid/AED Classes

Students learn necessary skills for CPR and how to provide basic lay responder life support for airway obstruction. Signs, signals and symptoms of various types of injuries and sudden illnesses. First Aid emergencies are also covered in this class. Includes: shock, burns, sprains, strokes, hot & cold emergencies.

This class meets the California Health and Safety Code requirements for the training and use of Automated External Defibrillators.

CPR/First Aid
$90/student - CPR/First Aid/AED, valid for 2 years Issued at the end of the training course.
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

This 1-2 hour training program provides the information every employee with an identified risk of occupational exposure needs to know to avoid accidental exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials and to manage an accidental exposure if one occurs. Adheres to OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910 -1030 for bloodborne pathogen training.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

$20/student - includes certificate of completion.


Parking Lot Safety

A pro-active approach to parking lot safety at the office, grocery store or mall parking lot. Now you can learn to increase your personal safety through greater awareness and experience this vital information first hand through a unique video/lecture program that enables you to share and gather a wealth of knowledge related to any parking lot setting.

Parking lot safety

$20/student - includes certificate of completion.


Pet CPR/First Aid/Wellness Assessment Training  

This "hands-on" course runs about 4-6 hours (depending on the amount of students). It covers the immediate care given to a pet that is injured or ill. Knowing these skills and techniques can make the difference between life and death. This class prepares you for restraining an ill or injured pet, Emergency CPR and Rescue Breathing, Muzzling, Choking, Shock, Poisoning, Bleeding, Heat and Cold injuries, Snake & Insect bites, Bandaging, Care for your senior pet-izen, Dental care, Snout-to-tail wellness assessment and much more…

Our Certified Instructor has over 25 years experience teaching individuals and groups CPR/First Aid/AED, Safety and Loss Prevention classes. Pet owners will receive a 42-page Workbook; an (8 x 5) 2-year Certification of Training; A front window notice "In Case of Emergency Please Save Our Pets" to be placed in the front window of your home/business; an Emergency Contact Card for your wallet; and a 2-year Certification. There will also be several pertinent handouts during the class for all participants.

Pet First Aid

The class includes a 42-page workbook and each participant will receive a completion certificate, valid for 2 years. Cost: $125.


**Private instruction is available for all of the above courses. Call for details.

**Group discounts are available.


**Prices subject to change without notice



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